Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Weddings:

How Do You Dress?
Unless otherwise requested, we will wear dress pants-shirt-tie attire. For less formal weddings are DJ's can wear dress pants with our uniform polo shirts.

Will You Take Any Breaks?
No! We play nonstop from the start of the reception to the last dance. Throughout the evening we'll be closely working with your photographer, videographer and caterer to insure a coordinated, worry free reception.

Can We Control The Volume Level?
Yes, if it's too high or too low, just ask and we'll adjust it to your satisfaction.

Will You Announce The Bridal Party?
Yes, if you desire, the Bridal Party can be announced upon arrival at the beginning of the reception or right before a Bridal Party Dance. We'll also be happy to announce parents, grandparents, etc. We will go over all of this information at your planning meeting.

Will You Play Requests?
Yes, from your guests and the selections you have chosen on our website. We'll also be happy to make dedications and announce anniversaries or birthdays.

What Does LV Sound Need To Set Up?
Only a location near standard grounded power outlets. Tables and chairs are not necessary for our setup. Upon completion of your reception, we will quietly put away our equipment and leave the set up area as we found it.

Please Give Me Your Definition of Professional Behavior?
To conduct oneself courteously towards you and your guests. A DJ should not smoke or consume alcohol at your reception. My goal is your total satisfaction. We want you to be happy that LV Sound was part of your special day.

Can I see LV Sound at a wedding in my area?
Just as most banquet facilities will only allow brides and grooms to view a hall prior to the start of an actual reception when the room is empty, LV Sound has a similar policy in effect. We simply cannot invite a prospective couple to another couple's wedding out of respect for the couple paying for our services. Most couples do not want other people that they do not know hanging around their reception to watch a DJ. Also, our primary job is to focus entirely on the event that we are performing at and not be occupied with sales duties.

LV Sound does perform at many public events each year that you may attend and we also have available video of actual receptions that you may view at your convenience. On this website you will also find real letters of reference from many satisfied couples through the years. In addition, we would encourage you to ask your reception hall, photographers, and other wedding vendors about LV Sound; chances are since 1988 that we have worked with them at one time or another. Finally, we ask you to ask yourself would you want somebody that you do not know at your reception to view a DJ? This is why our policy is what it is.

We were at a wedding sitting by a DJ and the music seemed too loud during dinner but in the back of the room the music could hardly be heard. What can LV Sound do to prevent this from occurring at our reception?
This happens a lot in long or odd shaped rooms where the DJ can be too loud in the front and not loud enough in the back. The LV Sound solution is to set up a satellite pair of speakers opposite of where we are set up. This way the speakers in front can be turned down and your guests can hear the music and announcements more evenly without feeling blasted by the main set of speakers. Also, later in the evening the satellite speakers can be turned off so that guests who want to dance can be near the DJ and guests that wish to have conversations can be in the back of the room.

FAQ for School Dances:

Do You Take Requests?
We sure do ... your input is number one with us!!! LV Sound sets up a request stand with pens and request sheets near the DJ booth, which is regularly reviewed by our DJ's. Also, requests can be emailed in advance to or a custom request website link can be printed on the back of your dance tickets.

What About The Music You Play ... Is It Clean?
LV Sound only plays edited radio versions and music video clips approved for broadcast. We do not play album versions or unedited cd's/dvd's.

For Our Formal Dance Will You Announce The Members Of Court For Us?
Yes. We can announce the homecoming or prom court for you or provide your announcer with our wireless microphone.

How Do Your Employees Dress?
Our DJ/MC's and DJ helpers will dress in company uniform which consists of a logo uniform shirt and dress pants.

Is LV Sound Insured?
Yes, we carry liability insurance. A copy of our policy is available upon request. If necessary, your school can be named as an additional insured.

Is A Deposit Required To Book A Date?
No. LV Sound only requires a signed service agreement, which must be signed by an adult advisor or school administrator.

When Is Payment Due?
Payment is due in full by check, cash, or money order immediately upon completion of services. Under special circumstances, we will allow Net 10 days billing with a copy of a signed purchase order.

Is There A Penalty Or Cancellation Fee If School Is Closed Due To Inclement Weather?
No. We will attempt to reschedule your school on our next available date if your dance is cancelled because of an official school closing due to inclement weather or an emergency situation.

What Does LV Sound Need To Set Up the Video Screens?
The LV Sound Video Dance Party is primarily designed to be set up in a large venue such as a school gym. For smaller venues, we can size down to a one screen set up or a smaller size screen. We ask that you leave for us a 30 feet wide by 20 feet deep area free of decorations and other activities. We'll also need 3 separate electrical outlets on 3 separate circuit breakers. For your information, we bring over 500 feet of heavy duty extension cords. Your school custodian should be able to provide you with assistance regarding this matter.

For the best viewing of the video screens and our high tech light show, we recommend that most ceiling lighting be turned off or dimmed. We can provide portable ambient lighting, if necessary, to lighten up a room without causing interference to the low light levels required by our equipment.

FAQ for Private Parties:

Does LV Sound accept company purchase orders?
Yes. Events reserved with a purchase order do not require a deposit, however our cancellation policies still apply. Please refer to your contract for specific terms and conditions.

What are LV Sound's billing terms?
30 days net with a purchase order. COD for non-purchase order transactions. Cash/company check/money orders/or credit cards. Payment can also be made on our website through our secure payment gateway.

Is LV Sound insured?
Yes, LV Sound is insured to provide mobile disc jockey and related services. Your business or event venue can be named as an additional insured upon request.

How long in advance must I reserve services?
For weekday functions we request a two week notice, if possible. Weekend function availability varies throughout the year, we recommend as much notice as possible. We will make every effort possible to accommodate a last minute request.

What is your attire?
LV Sound will match the attire to suit your occasion or themed event. For festivals, trade shows or service related events, company personnel will be dressed in uniform attire.

Will LV Sound make requested announcements at given times during our event?
Yes, please provide us with a schedule in advance and we will follow your specific instructions.

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